Real Estate

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Real Estate Law

We understand that buying and selling a home can be a stressful process. At Randazzo Law, let us relieve that stress. We will assist you in buying, selling and mortgaging your home. We will guide you through this process and keep you updated along the way right up until the transaction is completed.

We provide the following services:

- Residential Purchases and Sales

- Commercial Purchases and Sales

- Industrial Real Estate

- Recreational (cottages) Real Estate

- Mortgage Refinancing for both Residential and Commercial Property

- Reviewing and preparing Agreements of Purchase and Sale

- Transfers of Title

- Status Certificate Reviews

- Review of Agreement of Purchase and Sale for New Homes

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Get in contact with us via one of our contact portals. Alternatively you can reach-out to us directly through the contact information that is found under the header "Ask the 905Lawyer".

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